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Imaginary Enemies was a story printed in issue 455 of Doctor Who Magazine. Notably, it did not feature the Doctor. It was the last DWM story to feature Amy and Rory, and was the only one as of 2019 to feature Melody Pond in the form of Mels Zucker. It is also the only strip to feature Brian Williams.


In Leadworth, during the 1990s, the nativity play is almost starting and young Amelia Pond is being bullied before the school play by the main star Veronica (the mayor's spoiled daughter) saying she's mad and she'll get locked away forever. Veronica then breaks the Raggedy Doctor doll Amelia made. Whilst in the library she's visited in the mirror by a man who appears similar to a reverse Santa Claus claiming to be her uncle "Krampus" who is really a member of the Pantheon trying to prevent the future Amy and Rory from getting married and joining the mad man in the box, and conceiving their child who would go on to kill the Doctor.

Krampus captures them with his goblins Otto, Siegfried and Ludwig. However Veronica notices that the doll he has given her is nothing more than a lump of coal. So she throws it into a mirror and Krampus and his goblins are sucked through the portal in the mirror. Amelia and Rory forget about the events but Mels remembers. Since Veronica is knocked out Amelia becomes the new Mary, with Rory as her Joseph. Rory's father comments that they make a lovely couple, to which Mels enthusiastically agrees.




  • The story ends with various images of Amy and Rory together from their later years of their life after being sent back in time at the end of the television story The Angels Take Manhattan. In one of the images, Rory is shown to be a medical doctor, suggesting that he moved up from being a nurse.
  • This is the first non-televised adventure in which Melody's second incarnation, Mels, appears, but the third non-televised adventure in which Melody, in any incarnation, has appeared. In the first two, the video game The Eternity Clock and the novel The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery, she appeared in the form of her third incarnation, going by the aliases River Song and Melody Malone respectively.