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Imaginary Boys was a BBC Radio audio story written by Paul Magrs. It featured a Novelisor from Verbatim Six, as previously seen in Magrs' Companion Chronicles stories Ringpullworld and Find and Replace. The story also featured characters who had previously appeared in Magrs' novels Strange Boy and The Diary of a Dr Who Addict and the Short Trips story Fanboys.

The story would later be novelised as a short story under the same title, published in the Wilde Stories 2016 anthology, and later, in the Silver Jubilee anthology.

Publisher's summary[]

A fantastical tale of teenage love and close encounters.

17 year-old David Taylor begins to see the world in a different light when he meets Lawrence. Lawrence is new in town, new to Earth actually - he claims to be from Verbatim Six, a small planet about three hundred light years away. A strange but very real story of a burgeoning teenage relationship, with all the fear and confusion that goes with it.


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  • Books at the used-bookshop include The Grizzly Space Fandango by Penelope Faithconquest, the Eternal Mayhem Chronicles by Everard Denat, and Entrails by Moonlight by Marcia Sopwith.


Preview artwork for Imaginary Boys published in Radio Times created by Stuart Manning.

  • Imaginary Boys received a "Pick of the Day" article in Radio Times. It contained a piece of artwork created by Stuart Manning.[1][2]
  • While David and his family may originate from Strange Boy, Fanboys, and The Diary of a Dr Who Addict, Imaginary Boys features a different history for them. Most notably, David's pre-Imaginary Boys appearances show him being an adolescent in the 1980s.
  • Just like Magrs' previous stories about David, elements of Imaginary Boys are based off of Magrs' life. When Magrs was queer-bashed at the age of 17, his father was the police officer who took his statement on the assault.[3]
  • In one scene of Imaginary Boys, David and Lawrence visit the used-bookstore Magda's Mysteries in Darlington, a store which David has been going to for years. However, in The Diary of a Dr Who Addict the Great Big Book Exchange is the used-bookstore which David regularly visits during his trips to Darlington. The two bookstores appear alongside each other in Enter Wildthyme.


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