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The Ides Scientific Institute was an organisation set up in 1970.


Straxus timeline[]

Kotris set up the Institute in 107 Baker Street and called himself the Doctor, funding the Institute with one billion pounds sterling (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master, Fugitives) and being relatively unremarkable until fading away in the 25th century. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope) The Eighth Doctor later visited the Institute with Molly O'Sullivan and believed that he had set up the Institute some time in his future. While he was there Doctor Sally Armstrong activate a time-space portal. The Daleks came through the portal and chased them from the Institute. (AUDIO: Fugitives)

After Straxus was killed, and Kotris erased from history, this timeline was erased. (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master)

Under the influence of the Master[]

The Master manipulated history to make the Ides Scientific Institute a major player in human history, (AUDIO: Masterplan) being at the forefront of space exploration and colonisation technology. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope)

The Doctor, Molly and Liv Chenka took a trip to the Ides Institute later in the 1970s. At this time the Master and Sally were working there. The Master used the Institute in his plan to experiment on the Eminence in order to pit them against the Daleks. (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master)

Markus Schriver was hired by the Ides Institute to work on a way to form a psychic link between astronauts and their ships. Schriver's work would later form the basis of the Eminence's breath of forever. (AUDIO: Masterplan)

After the Eighth Doctor defeated the Master's plans, Narvin and the Celestial Intervention Agency airbrushed the Ides Scientific Insititute from history. (AUDIO: Rule of the Eminence)