Iceworld's ice cream parlour was an ice cream parlour located in Iceworld on Svartos and was overseen by Anderson. Like the rest of Iceworld, it sported an ice theme. It served various beverages and ice creams and welcomed small pets.

It was run by Anderson who employed Ace as a waitress. It was frequented by various species of traders and shoppers, one of whom was Sabalom Glitz. It was here that the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush met Ace for the first time.

Ace's career as a waitress at the establishment ended when Stellar's mother complained to Ace about lumps in her milkshake and Ace poured the drink over her head. She was fired by Anderson, who had warned her several times about her attitude.

Later on, Kane's mercenaries raided the parlour and herded everyone out. In the chaos Anderson was shot. Iceworld and all within it became the property of Sabalom Glitz and was renamed Nosferatu II. (TV: Dragonfire)

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