Ice Soldiers

The Ice Soldiers guarding their key while still in suspended animation. (TV: "The Snows of Terror")

The Ice Soldiers were four warriors guarding one of the keys to the Conscience of Marinus, which Vasor referred to as "demons". Susan, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Sabetha and Altos accidentally freed them from suspended animation while trying to retrieve the key, which was frozen in a block of ice. During their attempt to kill the group of travellers, one of the Ice Soldiers plunged to his death in a deep crevice in the ice cave. The remaining warriors pursued Susan, Ian, Barbara, Sabetha and Altos back to Vasor's cabin where they succeeded in killing the burly trapper before the others escaped using their travel dials. (TV: "The Snows of Terror")

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The four Ice Soldiers were generally referred to in the script directions for "The Snows of Terror" by the name of the weapon they carried, i.e. "Sword", "Battle Axe", "Lance" and "Mace". Thus, for example, instead of saying in the script "The Ice Soldier with the sword raises his weapon", the direction would read "Sword raises his weapon".
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