Ian McNeice (born 2 October 1950[1]) is an English screen, stage, and television actor. In the Doctor Who universe, McNeice has most notably played Winston Churchill on television and audio. He is best known for playing Bert Large in the British drama series Doc Martin.

For the Big Finish Doctor Who audio series, he voiced Zeus in Immortal Beloved and Reginald Harcourt in The Renaissance Man.

He played Winston Churchill in the Doctor Who television stories The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens and The Wedding of River Song.

In 2016, he reprised the role of Churchill for Big Finish, beginning in volume one of The Churchill Years. With the character serving as narrator for the stories within, McNeice also voiced the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in place of their original actors. He went on to play this role in Ravenous, as well.

He had previously played Churchill in the Royal National Theatre's 2008 production of Never So Good, in which Anthony Calf played Anthony Eden, Churchill's successor as Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

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