Ian Levine has made several contributions to Doctor Who. He composed the theme music for K9 and Company, contributed to Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text and was the unofficial continuity consultant for Doctor Who in the 1980s, apparently leaving after the casting of Bonnie Langford.[1] He was co-producer of Downtime and for a while collaborated with the Doctor Who Restoration Team on DVD releases of older stories. He was one of the earliest advocates for the BBC to formally begin the process of recovering missing episodes. In the documentary The Missing Years, he credits himself with personally saving the entirety of The Daleks from destruction by BBC Enterprises. He was also the producer of the 1985 charity single Doctor in Distress and released it on his label, Record Shack Records.

He later received thanks for work on Ian Chesterton: An Introduction.

In the documentary The Cold War, he claimed he co-wrote Attack of the Cybermen, although Eric Saward disputes this.

In the K9 episode The Cambridge Spy, a newspaper clipping from 1963 mentions "His Honour Chief Justice Ian Levine".

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