Ian Chesterton: An Introduction was a narrative linking segment released with The Crusade on VHS and with the Lost in Time box set on DVD.

It featured Ian Chesterton on-screen for the first time since The Chase in 1965, thus a 34 year gap between appearances. As of 2020, this is the character's last on-screen appearance.

William Russell later appeared in An Adventure in Space and Time as Harry the security guard, and in the same story Jamie Glover (son of Julian Glover and Isla Blair) played Russell himself.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sir Ian Chesterton guides a documentary crew into his home as he tells his audience about something that happened over 30 years ago.

An older Sir Ian

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ian Chesterton is participating in a video that will tell people just how the events of him meeting Richard the Lionheart went.

He recalls his adventures with the First Doctor, and tells us he is absolutely certain that the Doctor is still travelling in time and space.

Ian tells us how the Doctor was old when he was young, and later goes on to show us a suit of armour, saying that he keeps this in his study as a reminder of the adventure. He tells us if he told people everything, they'd think he was mad.

He goes on to say if he actually wanted people to think he was really mad, then he could tell people his name was Sir Ian Chesterton as he was knighted over "700 years ago".

Ian makes us aware of how the adventure ended and goes back to his book cabinet, selects a book and begins to read. He will never forget... the Doctor.

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