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I Scream is a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2012.

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The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams have just escaped the Firemen of Fleengarr. They board the SS Greensleeves. A few hours before, it was boarded by space pirates. As they explore, they find the ship apparently empty. Something appears to have erupted from one of the large vats of ice cream that the ship was carrying and jammed the thermostats on defrost.

When they find the control deck of the ship, it is covered in a web-like substance. Inside the web, trapped, like flies, are the original crew and the space pirates from a few hours earlier — still being kept alive. They are suddenly aware of a large creature with a fluid shape — a hybrid carnivorous hypomorph. It is a ravenous, meat-eating creature which has fused its DNA with the proteins, minerals and vitamins of the ice cream.

Rory's observation about the temperature gives the Doctor an idea. Boarding an escape pod, the Doctor, Amy and Rory lure the creature away. As the pod blasts off into space, the creature is drawn by the heat, but the cold of space freezes it and makes it solid, unable to move. As "a solid scoop of ice cream", the creature drifts in space while the Doctor returns the pod to the ship to collect the TARDIS.

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