I Ching was, as Barbara once told Ruby Duvall, "some kind of Taoist oracle". It did not foretell the future, but merely clarified a likely course of events. (PROSE: Iceberg) An ancient Chinese book of philosophy, it was accessed by random samplings that affected the broad flow of the material universe. The I Ching methodology cast doubt on the value of normal causalistic procedures. One traditional method of consulting it was the tossing of coins. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

When Barbara did an I Ching reading for Ruby's birthday, she got:

No level way not followed by decline.
No outward path not followed by return.
Continue mindful of danger. No blame.

On the back of the birthday card was scrawled:

He arrives like a bird, heedless of his wealth.
The walls return to water. No use for army now.

This last passage predicted the Cybermen's defeat soon thereafter. (PROSE: Iceberg)

It was recorded in the data bank of K9 Mark II. I Ching was known to the Fourth Doctor, who claimed to apply its philosophy, and Romana, who labelled it as a superstition. Adric tried it, under K9's supervision, resulting in the Hexagram 9 (Hsiao Ch"u, "The Taming Power of the Small"): "If you are sincere, blood vanishes and fear gives way.". (TV: Warriors' Gate)

The Seventh Doctor had an I Ching which was a gift from King Wen for services rendered. While searching for the Timewyrm, he consulted it by using sticks, came up with the number 541322 and fed it into the TARDIS computer. The ship then landed at the Timewyrm's location, a recreation of Cheldon Bonniface on the Moon in December 1992. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

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