I Am The Master was the tenth story of the eighth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

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There is a message for you. It comes from a long way, from a dying world. No, not a dying world. A killed world. And the message is from the killer.

Please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to your future...

However much longer that may be.

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  • In the style of The Companion Chronicles, this story is told from the Master's perspective.
  • Big Finish's Backstage description states that I Am The Master takes place after The Keeper of Traken.[1]
  • While bragging about being the most intelligent creature the universe has ever produced, the Master tells the listener to not dare think of any other, remarking that, "his reputation is altogether overrated... as hers will be, in a future time you haven't yet seen", referring to the Thirteenth Doctor.

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  • The Master muses about the possibility of a galaxy reserved for multiplying clones of himself, before having a feeling that he will already try that at some point. (TV: The End of Time)

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