INITEC, or Interstellar Nanoatomic Independent Terran Empire Corporation, was the company International Electromatics became after the 20th century. The name change was effective by the 24th century.

The INITEC laboratories developed numerous defenses for Earth against alien invasion. They created the boson cannon to fight the Jullatii in 2350, the Vigilant laser defence satellite system to prevent the Zygons from melting the polar ice-caps in 2765, and the glittergun to combat the Cybermen in the Second Cyberwar.

In the 30th century, the corporation acquired the Hith fighter Skel'Ske. Tobias Vaughn hoped that researching it might help develop an improved robotic form for his mind, or perhaps even a new human body. The icaron radiation released during the research, and the madness in body beppled people it caused, was a minor side effect as far as Vaughn was concerned. However, the technology was so radically different that it was useless for that purpose.

Vaughn then stole the Doctor's TARDIS, wanting to use it to prevent temporal invasions, and time travel to get his old Cyber-enhanced body or the future where he could have a more advanced body built. The Seventh Doctor managed to trick him and trapped his mind so it could not transfer to another robotic body. Between Vaughn's loss as head of the corporation and the ensuing collapse of the Earth Empire, INITEC ended its centuries-long existence. (PROSE: Original Sin)

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