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I, Who 3 continued I, Who 2's coverage of all Doctor Who and Bernice Summerfield novels and audio stories, as the final volume in the I, Who series. It was published in 2003.

It introduced the Telos Doctor Who novellas, and even covered the animated webcast Death Comes to Time. No further volumes have been released.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor. A survivor of the nearly extinguished "elemental" Time Lord race, a near-total amnesiac who stakes Earth's very existence on a ritualistic marriage in 1782 — all to save humanity from becoming less than apes.

Sabbath. A former British intelligence agent, insatiably curious and deeming himself an infinitely preferable guardian of humanity. It's only a matter of time before he exploits the Doctor's naivete or eliminates him — possibly both.

Dissecting this conflict and many more of the Doctor's struggles, I, Who 3 indexes and reviews the EDA novels EarthWorld through Time Zero, the PDAs Rags through Ten Little Aliens, loads of Big Finish audios, a heap of Benny stories and much more. All this, and an Uber-Timeline reconciling more than 450 "Doctor Who" stories into a desperate, passionate and strange adventure through time and space. Which is how it should be.

Subject matter Edit

An analysis of all novels (see below) with plot descriptions, information on setting, characters and various other elements.

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Notes Edit

  • Unlike I, Who and I, Who 2, I, Who 3 does not include an "author's round table" but almost all entries include a "Did You Know" section at the end of their respective entries.
  • The cover art depicts a "cocktail party" within the Doctor's TARDIS. Visible are the Fifth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors, Ace, Leela and (just barely) K9. Standing just outside the TARDIS is presumably Bernice Summerfield. I, Who 3 is the only book of the series to date to include depictions of the Doctor on the cover.

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