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Hyperion was the third volume of the Titan Comics series of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic collections. It collected issues eleven through fifteen of the series.

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The Doctor and Clara are back for two stunning new trips through the Vortex! On a jaunt back to 1845, the pair discover a horrifying secret hidden in a stately home! Then, the malevolent Hyperions return to scorch the solar system of all life - and the Doctor is pulled into an epic war for the future of all humankind!

Collects Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #11-15.

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Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin, Mandy Thwaites, Matt Nicholls, James Dudley, Edward Russell, Derek Ritchie, Scott Handcock, Kirsty Mullan, Kate Bush, Julia Nocciolino, and Ed Casey

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  • Originally advertised as including the 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusive story Selfie, however the final release of the omnibus did not include this story.

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