You may be looking for Huxley (Ringpullworld).

Huxley was a powerful alien crime boss and weapons dealer in the Spiral Underworld. She had many pincer-like hands and an elongated forehead with six pairs of eyes.

Starting before the start of the War in Heaven, Huxley closely observed the Homeworld to take advantage of the Great Houses' actions. She predicted the Sixth Wave and greatly profited off it.

Hux once came across a confused tracker and used it to give a Shift a physical body.

At the time of the Armistice, Huxley summoned Nezf, Wade, Tabrenilsodvoravitas, Ka(h) Loqou, and one other to Shockley's Den of Almost Limitless Iniquity to send them on a mission to RMS to take advantage of the apparent situation by stealing the Greater Key. After killing Ka(h) Loqou for refusing to participate, Hux provided the remaining four with the embodied Shift, a Plume Coteries diplomatic craft, and access to the Labyrinth. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms) Sponsored by the Nambiro, Huxley planned to use the profits from this heist to visit pre-destruction Earth, potentially sight-seeing at Space HQ or renting an airship in Czechoslovakia. (PROSE: A Shift in Focus)

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