Huw MacLean was a folk singer and fiddle player. (TV: Nightvisiting) He had a daughter with Jackie MacLean called April.

Jackie told April that when she and Huw first met, he wasn't like he would later turn out to be. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

He was often away, and April and Jackie did not see him very much. At some point, he started drinking a lot of alcohol and began to have suicidal thoughts.

When April was eight years old, he purposefully drove off the motorway and into a tree, with both Jackie and April in the car. (PROSE: What She Does Next Will Astound You) Jackie was paralysed as a result, while April herself was not hurt. Huw went to prison for causing the crash. (TV: Nightvisiting)

By court order, Huw was not allowed to contact April except by mail. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

In late October 2016, he was released from prison. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) He called April on her Samsung mobile phone, while she was playing violin, (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) violating the court order. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) She didn't pick up. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

In November, he went to see April at Coal Hill Academy, and found her in a car outside with Ram Singh. She was angry with him, and, as a result of sharing her heart with Corakinus, produced Shadow Kin scimitars and attacked him, then suggested he run away. April later told Ram that, due to Corakinus' influence, she wanted to kill him.

That same day, he visited Jackie's house to tell her about April. With her new powers, April nearly killed him. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) He initially didn't know what to do after April travelled to the Underneath but when she opened a tear back to Earth he travelled through to get her back. Towards the end of April's fight with Corakinus, Huw tried to persuade her not to kill Corakinus as he said taking his own life was the worst thing he had done and this helped her to spare Corakinus' life. When they returned home she told him to go away and only come back when they asked him to. (TV: Brave-ish Heart)

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