The Human-Galatean War was a war between the ever-resourceful human soldiers and the android Galateans. It began with the creation of the Galateans by Keltor Jacobs and his assistant Chloe.

Many soldiers, both human and Galatean, died in the conflict, but it was expected to end with Commander Hachiman's plan to explode the Earth, which was put into action by Captain Kaido. (COMIC: The Child of Time)

However, the conflict continued, with a Galatean joining the Abbey of Contemplation under the guise of a nun named Bridget. It and its plague robot servants were destroyed by Chiyoko after her creation. (COMIC: Apotheosis)

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy ended up preventing the war altogether by sending in a Galatean duplicate of Alan Turing in to talk to the newly-created machines. (COMIC: The Child of Time)

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