Colonel Hugh Spindleton was a 20th century human retired military officer who believed in the restoration of the British Empire.

Spindleton lived on his estate Lambton Manor, which was surrounded with a minefield. When Leela trespassed, he used his remote controlled Chieftain tank to fire on her for "target practice." After the tank ran out of fuel, Leela boarded the tank and threatened to fire its guns at Spindleton, which caused him to surrender.

Spindleton was allied with the Master, who was disguised as his manservant Mwalimu. (AUDIO: Trail of the White Worm)

When the Second Kraal Army came through the wormhole created by the Master, their leader Marshal Grinmal double-crossed and imprisoned him. He then allied with Spindleton, promising him control of Great Britain after the invasion in exchange for military information. When the Kraals were defeated, he decided to remain in exile in the fake Devesham on Oseidon. (AUDIO: The Oseidon Adventure)

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