How to be a Time Lord: Official Guide was a book intended to be a guide on how to be a Time Lord, "improved" by the Eleventh Doctor with his own notes and illustrations.

Publisher's summary Edit

This is the definitive guide on how to be a Time Lord written by the ancient Time Lords but hilariously improved/sabotaged by the Eleventh Doctor as a gift for his successor, the Twelfth Doctor. Throughout the factual Time Lord sections, the Doctor has crossed things out, added funny scribbles, silly doodles and post-it notes. The central section has been ripped out by an impatient Doctor and replaced with far more important/interesting stuff such as how to correctly wear a fez or dip a fish finger into custard, and other crucial things about how to be a time-travelling hero just like him.

Chapter Titles Edit

  1. The Time Lords
  2. The Location of Gallifrey
  3. A Guide to Gallifrey
  4. Time Lord Biology
  5. Time Lord Regenerations
  6. The Time Lord Academy
  7. The Time Lord Council
  8. Notable Time Lords
  9. The Protectors of Gallifrey
  10. Time Lord History
  11. TARDIS Guide
  12. The Seal of Rassilon
  13. My NOT BORING introduction!
  14. Doctors- lots of them. All brilliant, of course!
  15. Companions
  16. My essentials- never leave the TARDIS without them!
  17. Earth. I'm rather fond of that rock.
  18. Enemies. WARNING! This bit is pretty scary.
  19. How to run! V. V. V. IMPORTANT!
  20. Doctor Exercises (important for running)
  21. Things NOT to say to humans!
  22. How to handle UNIT
  23. How to play the recorder.
  24. All about jelly babies. So cute! So delicious!
  25. How to eat fish fingers and custard
  26. A guide to gross things. ESSENTIAL!
  27. How to use your celery
  28. How to spot aliens in disguise!
  29. Why bow ties are cool
  30. How to use an umbrella (not as easy as you'd think!)
  31. How to stop ALIEN INVASIONS! (easier than you'd think)
  32. Awesomely awesome gadgets
  33. How to fly my TARDIS!
  34. My photo scrapbook
  35. Handy references (not that handy)
  36. Brilliant things I can do (THERE ARE LOADS)
  37. Time Lord Technology
  38. Time Lord Myths and Legends
  39. Time Lord Rules
  40. Find Your Time Lord Name
  41. Time Lord Pledge
  42. The Ultimate Secrets of the Time Lords MY CERTIFICATE!

(Bold indicates the chapters written by The Doctor)

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor claims that he wrote this book as he has had a lot of spare time, specifying "over three-hundred-years". (TV: The Time of the Doctor)
  • The Doctor writes a note suggesting that Clara might get upset over his regeneration and new face. (TV: Deep Breath)

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