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How The Monk Got His Habit was an unproduced novelisation based on the similarly unproduced Twelfth Doctor TV story.

In 2020, Peter Harness unveiled the original pitch for the television story as part of the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event. He was later convinced by the positive fan reaction to release the "discarded first page" of the scrapped novelisation.

The extract of the novelisation featured The Monk in his TARDIS, prior to all of the Rasputin shenanigans. Due to the story having been discarded, the events are not considered valid on this Wiki.

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Listening to some Earth music in his TARDIS's console room, a Renegade Time Lord currently operating under the alias of "Roger" is put off by the increasingly tinny nature of the sound of the sophisticated TARDIS hi-fi system. The course of action upon which he decides to rectify this and not ruin his evening baffles even the TARDIS herself.

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  • In a callback to early Doctor Who novelisations, "TARDIS" is rendered as "Tardis", instead.
  • In the original TV story outline, this scene was supposed to be a setup for the Monk listening to an old record of the song "Ra-Ra-Rasputin" and being inspired to go and make the real Grigori Rasputin listen to it. This would have been his first act of time-meddling as a Renegade and also kicked off the plot of the TV story.

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