Hovercraft were a type of amphibious vehicles.

Shortly after landing on a beach near Cape Arid in Australia, the Second Doctor was mistaken for Ramón Salamander by Anton, Rod and Curly, who chased after the Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield using their hovercraft. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

Jo Grant and John Hart used a Royal Navy hovercraft to escape from some Sea Devils; Jo was able to drive it. The Third Doctor and the Master were picked up by the hovercraft after the destruction of the Sea Devils' base. The Master hypnotised a sailor to pose as him while he escaped in the craft. (TV: The Sea Devils) As it was a very conspicuous form of transport, the Master abandoned it a short distance down the coastline and later hitched a lift from Jack Harris. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors)

Lupton, after he stole the Metebelis crystal, stole a hovercraft from the boat salesman Hopkins to get away from the Third Doctor. (TV: Planet of the Spiders)

The crew of the Delta III methane refinery used a hovercraft to travel through the swamps. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Jo Jones mentioned that she and her grandson Santiago Jones were due to take a hovercraft as transport to Norway. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

On Kirith, the Panjistri used hovercraft to travel from Kandasi Island to the mainland and back. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)