The Hotel Historia was a successful, expensive chain of time travelling hotels run by Majenta Pryce. The events of the Last Great Time War, however, drove people away from time travel and as a result, the business failed almost overnight. Majenta then moved to Earth to build another hotel in London.

The hotel was powered by the Chronexus 3000 that could open Chronal Interfaces, allowing people to travel in Time; but her having to maintain the place racked up many debts. When the Tenth Doctor arrived through an interface, escaping the Graxnix, he pretended to be an inspector and found Cro-Magnons, dinosaurs, and the Black Death in different hotel rooms.

Finding the interface, the Graxnix arrived and began killing the staff until Majenta and the Doctor transported them back to 41st century Earth, where, as a result of using the interface, they were placed out of Time forever. As Majenta was unable to pay her bills, the hotel was closed and she was arrested. (COMIC: Hotel Historia)

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