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A hotel was an establishment where individuals could obtain lodgings. (PROSE: History 101) Some hotels were used not just for lodgings but also for events such as conventions and exhibitions. (AUDIO: The Shadow of the Scourge) Other hotels had bars, such as the Grand Hotel in London, (PROSE: Revenge of the Judoon) and hotels such as the Sands in Las Vegas had casinos attached. (COMIC: Gangland)

Claridge's was a hotel in London that Luke Pendrell's mother and father owned stationery from. (HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne)

The Pinehill Crest Hotel was a hotel located in Kent in the early 21st century. (AUDIO: The Shadow of the Scourge)

While stopping at Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS, Mickey suggested to Rose that they could spend the night in a hotel, to which Rose agreed. However, an argument between the two resulted in a change of plans. (TV: Boom Town)

There was a hotel in Philadelphia. (PROSE: Silver-Tongued Liars)

A prison ship took the form of a 1980s hotel. (TV: The God Complex)

There were two hotels located in Darlington: the Scotch Corner Hotel and the Duke's Legs hotel. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

The Hotel Historia was a successful, expensive chain of time travelling hotels run by Majenta Pryce. (COMIC: Hotel Historia)

Other uses of "hotel"[]

Hotel was the eighth letter of the phonetic alphabet used by organisations such as UNIT for radio communications; "Whiskey Hotel Oscar Eight" would spell WHO 8. (PROSE: The Dying Days)