Hot Stuff! was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

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The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams arrive aboard a mobile mining rig on the planet Mercury in the 367th century. The rig is protected by a hyperceramic umbrella that protects it from the suns rays and temperatures of about 427 degrees. Following the smell of coffee they find the last surviving member of the crew, Karen Marshall, who warns them that everybody else has been killed by a monster.

Suddenly the lava alarm sounds, warning that a lava geyser is about to erupt — right below the rig! Emergency measures are put into place, including the automatic closure of doors, which cuts them off from the TARDIS. The Doctor drives the rig out of the way of the geyser just in time, but this means the rig has moved out of the path of direct sunlight to power the shields. As heat, light and life support systems shut down and they are all about to suffocate, the "monster" appears.

The Doctor is pleased to see it — the "monster" is a Mercurian energy beast. It had been trying to warn the crew about the lava field. It has led the other humans to safety but couldn't find Karen. Karen is relieved to join the others, and the beast is glad to provide the energy to get the rig fully functional again. The beast even offers to show the humans where the best mineral deposits are located, safely away from the lava fields.

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