The Horizon Gallery was a art gallery. Mr Silver was the manager of the gallery.

Timeline 1 Edit

The Horizon Gallery was famous for the Paradox. Penelope guarded the chamber with the Paradox. After Mr Silver and Geoffrin died because they have been attacked by a creature, Penelope ran the art gallery. The paradox chamber was closed for several years. Then Penelope opened it again, a lot of people were attacked by the creature and Penelope turned blind. When Penelope realised that she was going to become the creature and the Paradox she sacrificed herself and did not become the Paradox.(AUDIO: The Art of Death)

Timeline 2 Edit

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visited the Horizon Gallery. There they met Penelope who was guarding an empty chamber. The Doctor told Penelope to paint again and put her paintings onto the empty walls. Penelope liked his suggestion. (AUDIO: The Art of Death)

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