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Honoré Lechasseur was a time channeller detective who could also travel physically along people's timelines when working with a time sensitive such as his friend, Emily Blandish.


Honoré Lechasseur was an American from New Orleans, Louisiana. His father ran away when he was young. (PROSE: The Sideways Door)

At the age of nine, he was friends with a girl named Cecile, who was fourteen. Once he saved up enough money to buy her an ice-cream and they sat together on a sidewalk eating them as a funeral procession went past. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light)

At the age of eleven, his mother was murdered by John and Wayne Carter, two murderers known as the Royal Street Vampires. (PROSE: The Sideways Door)

He travelled to Europe whilst serving in the US Army during World War II. His platoon were moving through France. They became lost and ended up in Belgium, where they found a farmhouse that had recently been abandoned by German soldiers. The group settled down to enjoy a stash of alcohol that had been left behind and Honoré's Lieutenant began to play a piano. It had been booby trapped with explosives and the lieutenant was killed.

Honoré was injured in the explosion. Army medics told him he would never walk again. He also suffered psychological injuries, made worse by the knowledge that of his entire platoon, Honoré was the only other person who could play the piano. If his lieutenant had not been been killed, it might have been Honoré. He was moved to hospital in England in 1943, where he began to recover the use of his legs. He also began to develop an ability to see people's pasts and futures. He learnt later this was called time sensitivity.

Whilst in hospital, Honoré was treated by a small, bearded, Scottish doctor, who helped him recover partially. Honoré left the hospital and relocated to Shoreditch in London, where he began working as a black market "spiv" — although he preferred the term "fixer".

Honoré sees Mestizer and her henchman Abraxas on the streets of London. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light)

In 1949, Honoré was hired by a woman posing as Emily Blandish to find her "husband", the Doctor. During the course of his investigations, Honoré met a young amnesiac woman dubbed "the girl in the pink pyjamas" by the press. Together they helped save the Cabinet of Light from a Nazi cult desperate to possess it for their own ends. He also helped the girl to remember her real name: Emily Blandish. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light)

Following this adventure, Emily and Honoré kept in touch and built a strong relationship. It was not until they both happened to spot the same man at the same time and wonder where he had come from, however, that they realised that Emily was a time sensitive. They travelled in time to an alternative 1984, where they worked out how to get back to their own time. Ultimately they did, whilst also ensuring that the future they had witnessed never came about. (PROSE: The Winning Side)

Honoré and Emily stopped Mestizer from unleashing a Demon King on London in 1950. (PROSE: The Tunnel at the End of the Light)

Honoré and Emily came to understand how they had travelled through time, and became so practised at it that they could travel at will to a chosen date and time. Arriving in 1890, Honoré and Emily met a clockwork woman, concubine to her creator, Sir Edward. When Honoré and Emily were banished from Edward's estate, the clockwork woman helped them to escape. Honoré and Emily helped the clockwork woman form her own identity and become more human. They helped her return to her master and confront him so that she could better forge a destiny of her own. (PROSE: The Clockwork Woman)

Together Honoré and Emily gained the enmity of a mysterious time-travelling cult. (PROSE: The Severed Man)

Following the appearance of an elderly knight in London, Honoré and Emily travelled back along his timeline to 1098, arriving in the midst of the crusades. They soon discovered the identity of their mysterious knight, Reynald of Marseille, who had been possessed by the Fendahl. Honoré and Emily watched as Sir Simon weakened the Fendahl's hold over Reynald, killing them both in the progress. (PROSE: Deus Le Volt)

Honoré foiled the plans of Burgess, also known as the Albino, and saved Emily from a pre-determined fate. (PROSE: The Albino's Dancer)

Following her encounter with alternate versions of herself and Honoré who changed history to make it what they deemed as "better", Emily began to share these beliefs. She had an argument with Honoré, who objected that they should use their abilities to stop the Second World War from taking place, saving millions of lives in the process. (PROSE: The Sideways Door) Following the argument, Emily moved out of Honoré's flat.

Wanting to make amends with Honoré, Emily followed him to a morgue, where Honoré was investigating a corpse that had been found in Spitalfields market. The two of them followed the time snake of the corpse to 2586. In this future, Emily learned the truth to her former identity as the High Executioner of the Sodality. Horrified by the truth, she attempted to kill herself by jumping off of a balcony. Honoré tried to stop her, but was too late to catch her before the fall. Violet used her psionic powers to slow her descent, and calmed the pain of her forgotten memories, while still allowing her access to them.

At peace with her past, Honoré and Emily travelled back to 1949, and watched as Emily's former self stumbled through the fog with no idea who she was. The duo then left for the future. (PROSE: Child of Time)


Honoré was moral and prided himself on never having swindled any of his customers. He developed from struggling to understand and live with his abilities, to embracing them through his platonic relationship with Emily Blandish. Through his career with her, he progressed from using alcohol on a regular basis as a "painkiller" to becoming a teetotaler. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light et al)

Initially reluctant to use his ability to travel through time with Emily, (PROSE: The Tunnel at the End of the Light) Honoré soon found that he had adopted her sense of adventure. (PROSE: Deus Le Volt)