Hong Kong warehouse was used by the Suki Cheng's crew as a base. It was located near the Lido Bar.

In the early 2020s, a Soyuz spacecraft, piloted by Adam Lang, crashed in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Adam, being infected with Praxeus, was taken to Hong Kong by the aliens from Suki Cheng's ship. He sent a message with his location to his husband, Jake Willis, asking for help.

The Doctor's TARDIS recieved a signal from three different locations, including Hong Kong. The Thirteenth Doctor sent Yasmin Khan and Graham O'Brien to the city to investigate its origins. They met Jake near the warehouse and opened its door using the skeleton key.

Graham and Yaz were able to locate the source of the signal, but they were separated from it by a door. Jake Willis broke the door with his leg, and they entered the room. They found Adam, connected to a device. Before they could examine the room, a group of aliens, wearing hazmat suits, broke in and started shooting. Graham, Yaz, Jake and Adam managed to escape, killing the aliens in the process.

The Doctor arrived and took Adam inside the TARDIS. Yaz decided the device they found could be worth to be taken with them. Gabriela Camara offered her help. The two returned to the room, but before leaving it with a device, Yaz decided to look what she can find out from it. While she was examining it, an alien entered the room and used a teleport. Yaz proposed to follow the alien and Gabriela reluctantly agreed. (TV: Praxeus)

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