Hondran was a jungle planet of carnivores, both animal and plant life. The hillside engravings suggest that at some time in the plane'ts history there was civilisation beyond the intelligent plant forms. Kara McGravy conducted research on the planet's flora and fauna on behalf of the Outworld University, and the Untra were known to hunt humans on the planet

Hondran vegetation Edit

Among the many varied, mostly carnivorous, plant species of the planet Hondran were:

Marorda plants were giant intelligent plants, easily capable of trapping and consuming a fully grown male human. The Marorda were among the more intelligent plant species on the planet Hondran, capable of speech and enjoying conversation.

Killer Vines were huge creeping vines with multiple snake-like heads growing out from the main stem which was large enough to climb.

Halitosis Mushrooms were talkative purple fungi, capable of expelling a very strong and unpleasant odour to deter predators. Their smell was enough to overpower the Untra who were known for their highly developed sense of smell. (COMIC: The Hunters / Cliffhanger)