You may be looking for the Peking Homunculus.

The Homunculus was a genetically-engineered life-form created by the Panjistri from Kirithon cells and organs. It looked like a giant foetus with eight limbs, exposed organs, and a bulbous head with several large eyes, no ears and a small lipless mouth. The Homunculus was kept in a large transparent cylinder, fed blue nutrient fluid and constantly subjected to electric shocks. The Panjistri planned to use its aggression to become part of their God Machine, since the Kirithons lacked this trait.

Ace and Raphael discovered the Homunculus while investigating the Harbours, but fled after being confronted by Lord Reptu. Ace later returned with Arun and Kraz, to be reunited with Raphael. Arun wanted to kill the Homunculus, while Raphael argued for saving it and possibly helping it, but was forced to kill it himself when it broke free and attacked Ace. With its death, the Grand Matriarch decided to use Ace's aggression instead. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)

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