Homogenite was a very rare, almost mythical monomolecular element forged in the heart of dying stars and ejected at the point of collapse.

Because it was monomolecular, most instances were highly fragile and did not survive the initial stage. The Fifth Doctor described its effect as "metamorphic metamorphosis," turning all it touched into stone or, more accurately, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

It was more correctly capable of molecular synthesis, combining and reconstituting organic material and even organic and crystalline material at the molecular level. Creatures who were infected with homogenite developed a kind of psychic link, with stronger wills capable of controlling others. In known cases, they developed a "law of the jungle" psychology and a connection with all infected flora and fauna.

  • Dawon was transformed into a larger than average tigress with diamond claws and burning emerald eyes.
  • Narayan held his human form longer until succumbing to the homogenite.
  • Shardul Khan consumed homogenite and was later able to absorb both Dawon and Narayan.
  • Nyssa could see through Dawon's eyes and developed animalistic qualities, with her appearance (and possibly her age) being reverted to a younger age.

Terminus Inc. tried to obtain homogenite. A piece of the element crashed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years prior to the 20th century, its impact crater forming the Karabya Valley. The homogenite was found by Dawon, Narayan, and Shardul Khan who called it the Emerald Tiger. It was later consumed by Khan. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

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