The Home-Army Fourth Operational Corps was a version of the secret Home-Army Operational Corps that worked with the Allies during World War II. (PROSE: One Cold Step, The Dogs of War) The Corps had wide executive powers, to the extent they could be considered above the law, and Winston Churchill made great use of that. (PROSE: The Dogs of War)

In 1941, Toby Kinsella recruited Edward Travers to the corps to provide scientific assistance. (PROSE: Night of the Intelligence)

In 1942, after helping Travers at Gulliver Base, Section Officer Eileen le Croissette of the WAAF was recommended to the Corps, and signed up to assist. She often worked with Edward Travers, but not always. (PROSE: The Flaming Soldier, Vampires of the Night)

In 1943, Eileen le Croisette travelled to Sheffield to investigate a steelworks. She discovered that the factory's manager, Huxtable, was creating Quarks to use in his own personal war. (PROSE: Home Fires Burn)

In 1945, on the same day that Adolf Hitler died, Martin Renfield saved Winston Churchill from a Nazi wielding a gladius. (PROSE: Rise of the Dominator)

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