Holovids were hologram programmes which could be watched with a Holoprobe or a Holoview. (PROSE: Tarnished Image)

A holovid showing Hal Simvoa handing control of Tarron to the Azmec Corporation was one of the sacred artefacts of the Tarronians. (PROSE: Tarnished Image) In reality, it was a fake, made from a recording by K9 Mark III to give the appearance of age. (PROSE: Moving On, Tarnished Image)

By Bernice Summerfield's time, interactive holovids were the main source of home entertainment. (PROSE: The Pit)

By 2680, holovids had been made about Rosheen and Klift. (PROSE: The Highest Science)

Jupiter Rising was a well-known holovid series in 200,100. It featured a character called Lord Dreyvole who was married to a Graxnix. (TV: Bad Wolf)