Holiday Special was the story published in the Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Holiday Special comic series.

Publisher's summary

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The Doctor

  • The Doctor believes in children's dreams, laughter, general jolliness, and bringing joy to others through space and time despite impossible odds.
  • The Doctor uses a fez to protect herself from the mind traps.



  • Ryan suggests the Doctor take them to Disneyland, or "cool, future, other planet Disneyland".
  • The Doctor recalls how Graham lost a Bevivian game of chance at the amusement park they'd previously visited.
  • Graham, Ryan, and Yaz each have conflicting memories of what happened at the amusement park:
    • Graham recalled that Ryan had gone into an "alien haunted house" full of "actual ghosts", where he was in danger of becoming one.
    • Ryan remembered encountering an "alien clown", with a trick flower that sprayed Yaz with a dangerous substance that they "barely" found the antidote for in time.
    • Yaz's version of events saw the Doctor play a test of strength carnival game, which led to her being put in their gladiator games.

Popular culture

  • Ryan calls the use of the mind trap on the workers "very Dark Crystal of 'em".
  • Ryan calls Krampus a "regular Grinch".


  • The Doctor acted as a gladiator at some point, but "decades" before the scenario that Yaz remembered.
  • Ryan wonders if Yaz would be okay with wearing the festive-looking neurological tracker because of her Muslim faith.
  • Ryan previously had a maths teacher called Ms. Henderson.
  • A human's sense of smell is linked to their memory, as are a Time Lord's.


Original print details

  • Part 1:
Whirling through time and space, the Doctor and her friends - Yaz, Ryan and Graham - took some time off from thwarting nefarious alien plots to enjoy some well-earned leisure time. But theme parks on distant planets aren't always what they seem, and the gang were soon saving victims of a crooked carnival con. Everything is right in the universe again - or so they think...
The Doctor and friends gain an unexpected ally. Together they must stop Mr. Henderson - but who exactly is he? And what is he really up to?
  • Part 2:
Having been plagued by false memories of an alien amusement park, the Doctor and the gang went on the hunt to discover the truth. On a curiously colourful planet, perturbed alien named Friffle reveals his people are being taken by the mysterious the mysterious Mr Henderson - a man who bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus! Taken as prisoners in his grotto-like lair, the Doctor resolves to find out exactly what he's plotting...
The threat of two deadly enemies - the Weeping Angels and Autons - forces the Doctor to bend the rules and get help from none other than... the Tenth Doctor!


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