A holiday, or a vacation, was an excursion to a location for leisure.

The Fourth Doctor intended to go on a "nice, long holiday" with K9 Mark II to Halergan 3 before being interrupted by the White Guardian. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

When the Sixth Doctor announced to Peri that the TARDIS suddenly had no faults, saying that he didn't know what to do with himself, Peri convinced him to take a holiday. The Doctor at first objected, saying that "Time Lords don't take holidays", he ultimately took to the idea, and selected Tranquela as their destination. (AUDIO: The Ultimate Evil)

Before travelling with the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble only ever had package holidays. (TV: Planet of the Ood)

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald were attempting to go on a vacation in the TARDIS when they were pulled off course by Ethel. (COMIC: A Stitch in Time)