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Hoix were a race of omnivorous creatures.


Hoix had brown skin, sharp teeth, claw-like fingers and exposed gums. Hoix couldn't speak; they were only capable of growling and roaring.

Files in the Torchwood Institute suggested that the Hoix lived to eat, and one Hoix specimen apparently liked to eat everything. Owen Harper noted how unintelligent they appeared to be. (TV: Exit Wounds) The Doctor was aware of this and also of what effects hot chemicals had on the Hoix. (TV: Love & Monsters)


A pair of Hoix at the Fluren Temporal Bazaar. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

The Hoix were among the races who joined the Alliance. A representative came to Stonehenge in 102 and witnessed the imprisonment of the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica in order to save the universe. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

Torchwood Institute had encountered the Hoix on several occasions. In one instance, one was found in Barry, where it had broken into a kebab shop, going through seven doner sticks in twenty minutes. (TV: Exit Wounds) On another occasion, Jack Harkness was chased by a Hoix into the Sidings. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)

In the spring of 2007, Elton Pope opened a door inside a warehouse in Woolwich, startling a Hoix who was right behind it. The Hoix was about to attack him, but luckily for Elton, the Doctor was able to distract the Hoix by teasing it with a piece of raw meat while Rose Tyler threw a bucket of liquid on the Hoix. Unfortunately, this was the wrong bucket, which just made the Hoix angry. Rose and the Doctor were chased by the Hoix until Rose was able to find the correct bucket. (TV: Love & Monsters)

The Vandrogonite Visualiser that was dug up in Rhiwbina in October 2008 had records of the Hoix. When Gareth Portland created MonstaQuest, he used the Hoix as several of the characters, naming them "Maymer" and "Bludgeon Beast". One was accidentally summoned into the Achenbrite headquarters, along with two Chantri Golems, where it killed the members before they could respond. It was later killed by Jennifer Portland, who flooded the building with kolokine-7. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

A Hoix came through the Cardiff rift into St. Helen's Hospital, Cardiff. A doctor trapped it in a boiler room but ultimately Owen Harper had to lure it out with cigarettes and tranquillise it. (TV: Exit Wounds)

At least one Hoix was abducted and sent to face their fear in the Minotaur's Prison Ship. (TV: The God Complex)

A tentacled species physically resembled them. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

Several Hoix attended the Fluren Temporal Bazaar on Fluren's World. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

Other references[]

The Tenth Doctor dreamt of, amongst other adversaries, the Hoix. (COMIC: To Sleep, Perchance to Scream)

Behind the scenes[]

One of the aliens seen in The Rings of Akhaten was made from a modified Hoix mask, but with greener skin, a breath mask over the mouth and Ood-like tentacles coming from the chin.