Hit was the eighth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by John Binns.

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Bernice is meeting with Paul Thomas Gale, the Junior Information Minister for the Fifth Axis, on the fifth floor of the Ministry building. He tries to explain Fifth Axis policies to her, but she grows increasingly angry. Before she can say anything, a bomb explodes in the building.

Benny and Gale run into the hallway. They head for the staircase, picking up stragglers along the way. At the staircase, they note that it is on fire. Benny shouts that they need to find another way, and she realises that she is the oldest one there. Gale leads the group to another staircase.

They make it to the fourth floor, picking up more survivors, and reach the third floor, home to the processing centre. It appears to be the site of the explosion. There are many injured, and black smoke pours out of the area. While the rest of their party heads to the second floor, Benny and Gale try to help the survivors on the third floor.

Paramedics arrive. Benny is overcome by the smoke and has to leave. When she makes it outside, the survivors from the fifth floor are grouped together, getting water from the medics. Benny isn't ready to go home yet, so she joins them.

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  • Benny hopes that Mushtaq Anson is trying to recruit all the academics, not just her.

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