History of Earth Volume 36,379 was the 36,379th volume in Kronos Vad's series describing Earth's history. It described the 20th and 21st centuries. In at least one universe it was the final volume.

A copy this book from another universe that described an invasion of Earth by the Gomagog was found by Abby and Zara at the Archive, and left by them on Earth as a warning, with the hope that it could prevent it from happening in their own universe. (AUDIO: The Archive, Kronos Vad's History of Earth Vol. 36,379)

A few centuries later Cage Zorn purchased History of Earth Volume 36,379 under the influence of the Gomagog. Lara Memphis stole the book when it arrived in the mail from Earth. This forced Cage to hire Vienna Salvatori to track down Lara. When Vienna discovered Lara in a Mars Spaceport Cage attempted to destroy the book. After stopping him from destroying the book Vienna Salvatori and Bernice Summerfield took it to the Archive for safekeeping at a point in time before Abby and Zara found it, making its existence a bootstrap paradox. (AUDIO: The Phantom Wreck)

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