Hindle was a member of the expedition to assess Deva Loka's suitability for colonisation, and second-in-command to Sanders. He became mentally unstable as a result of the Mara's presence. Hindle and the expedition operated from a dome on the planet's surface. They originally numbered six, but three were lost after they journeyed into the jungle.

Hindle used a mirror to trick the Kinda into thinking he had trapped their souls. He used this advantage to have them do his bidding. When Sanders left to explore the surrounding jungle, he left Hindle in command. Using the Kinda as his soldiers, Hindle took the Fifth Doctor, Adric and Todd as prisoners.

Upon his return, Sanders gifted Hindle the box of Jhana. Hindle had the Doctor open it and could not understand how he remained unaffected by it. Fearful of the surrounding jungle, Hindle planned to detonate the dome and surrounding area. Sanders preoccupied him with cut-outs of people that Hindle believed to be real. After looking upon the box of Jhana, Hindle's mind was restored, and he left Deva Loka. (TV: Kinda)

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