Hilberta's Hostel was an infamous time brothel located in 27th century Vienna, considered by Robert Scarratt to be "second only in tales of the lost to Foyle's House of the Rising Sun". It was located near the site of Schonbrunn Palace.

It had an infinite number of rooms, each one containing a prostitute more attractive to a client than the previous. Scarratt heard rumours that if a client were to spend an eternity advancing through the rooms and refusing the prostitutes, they would eventually get a chance to copulate with a god.

Scarratt first visited Hilberta's Hostel in his youth, where he witnessed what appeared to be his future self leaving the back-door of the brothel and being killed by an assassin's bullet. Later, House Lineacrux offered to engineer history so that the man the young Scarratt saw murdered was a mere duplicate, but only in return for Scarratt successfully captaining the Brakespeare. After the disastrous voyage of the Brakespeare was erased from history and Scarratt was exiled from House Military for his involvement, Scarratt planned to go to Hilberta's Hostel, advance through its rooms until he found a women resembling Ella Stanton, and then walk out of the building to his preordained death. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

Behind the scenes Edit

The name and concept of Hilberta's Hostel are a play on Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel.

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