Hilary Makepeace was a diarist from Buckley, Virginia during the American Civil War. Her diary entries indicated that she was strongly pro-Confederate. She felt that the alliance with the North was a marriage "never meant to last". She ridiculed Abraham Lincoln as being "their strange ape-President", and was unapologetically in favour of slavery.

Peri and Erimem lodged with her during their long, Civil War adventure. The American described her as "really short, a good four inches under five feet" and "a sour old crone [who] hated the North with a passion". Makepeace wanted the Egyptian Pharaoh to sleep on the floor, saying, "How can I expect respectable white folk to sleep in a bed a n*gger's spent the night in?" In the end, Makepeace allowed Erimem to use a bed — but for twice the going rate.

By the end of the war, her house had been razed to the ground. Although townsfolk in Buckley said it was done on the orders of Colonel Jubal Eustace, she blamed Peri and Erimem, saying, "In my heart I know that Miss Brown and her slave caused the fire, repaying my kindness in opening my doors to them with this act of villainy... May the Lord forgive me, but I hope that in his infinite wisdom, he sends the Brown woman and her n*gger to the hell they deserve." (PROSE: Blood and Hope)

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