Hila Tacorien was a human time traveller and, reportedly, the great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Emma Grayling and Alec Palmer.

At one point, she accidentally landed, and got trapped, in a pocket universe with the Crooked Man. While she was only there for around 5 minutes from her perspective, her presence in Normal Space was felt from the beginning to the end of the planet Earth.

Within Normal Space, she manifested as the ghost that haunted the Caliburn House. According to Professor Alec Palmer, she was mentioned in local Saxon poetry, and parish folk tales.

Hila, manifested as a ghost (TV: Hide)

In the 17th century, a local clergyman saw her, and wrote that "her presence was accompanied by a dreadful knocking as if the Devil himself demanded entry." During World War II, American airmen stationed at the House left "offerings of tin Spam." The tins were found in 1965, bricked up in the servants pantry, along with "a number of hand written notes, appeals, to the ghast; 'for the love of god, stop screaming.' "

She was called 'the Witch of the Well', as a reality well was found on the property of the Caliburn House.

Hila was finally saved when the Eleventh Doctor, through the power of Emma Grayling, entered the pocket universe to retrieve her. She crossed through a wormhole and arrived at the Caliburn House in 1974. Her ultimate fate is unclear; according to the Doctor, her status as a pioneer explorer of time makes her a fixed point in time, thereby preventing her from being returned to her own time, however he soon revealed to her that Emma and Alec were her ancestors. (TV: Hide)

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