The High Goliax were a race purchased by the Krib bank on Yam-Salam.

They were bought along with the speculator, a computer made up of the still-living minds of the High Goliax ripped from their skulls and enslaved, which functioned as organic processors. The Tenth Doctor was unclear as to the race's nature, but they were not robotic. Generations of children piloted the High Goliax heads to clear planets and any citizens that failed to evacuate such as that of Loam when such a planet became property of the Krib as collateral. The children saw what the High Goliax saw translated as a game called the Mumbo-Game, and were protected physically and psychologically inside. The Doctor freed the minds inside the Krib's speculator by attaching free-reins to their unattached nerves, making them move like legs and allowing the High Goliax's minds to return to their heads on Loam. The children inside were evacuated and returned to the Krib. Martha Jones introduced the High Goliax to the Prime Minister of Loam as a "new immigrant population". (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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