Hidden Human History was the second story of the regular run of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic story series, published in 2019.

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  • The TARDIS lands in a field of sheep.

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  • Cary's rebellion was all about the governorship, and whether or not Quakers were allowed in politics.
  • Humans use bells for "all sorts of things", including celebration, the passage of time, and as a warning.

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  • Ryan says that he ate a "really big burger" the day before. Yaz added that it consisted of two patties.
  • Graham mentions the salad he ate may have had some chicken in it.

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  • The precise year if the Battle of Ridgeway was given as 1866 in the "Next Time" section of 13D 7, but not in the story itself. The date is referred to as "a century an a half from" 1711 by Irene Schulz.

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