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The Hexagora were a nomadic race of insectoid creatures, with a hive mind intelligence collected in a genetic memory pool. They possessed mandibles and two sets of wings, and had a lifespan of 500 years, which they considered to be short.

They had the ability to be unnoticed by other species, adopting their appearance through mind transference, and built structures similar to termite mounds. Their technology included space pods which they called "sky orbs" and hexian, the remaining substance from their homeworld.

Inherently peaceful, Hexagora were only violent when threatened. In attrition to combating the Dranseills and Ultrans, the Agellae attacked their then-homeworld of Zagara IX and the Hexagora burned all 100,000 ships. They moved from one warm climate to another in massive swarms, carrying the memory pool in sections with them.

A group of Hexagorans visited and surveyed Earth during the 16th century, before deeming it unfit and moving on to Proxima Centauri and settling on the planet Luparis, where they built the capital city of Lupara to resemble Tudor London. (AUDIO: Hexagora)