Hexadecimal machine code was the language used in poetry by Servo, a maintenance droid in the Haven. Servo's poems rhymed in hexadecimal, but as Lucie Miller pointed out, did not rhyme when translated to English. The Eighth Doctor understood hexadecimal, and had no trouble translating one of Servo's poems:

#4 2 #3 6
#C B #2
#8 8 #3 F D
#0 #2

Which translated to:

I look out at the stars,
And I feel my life is insignificant;
But then I look again,
And I feel glad to be alive

Another of Servo's poems, which also rhymed, translated to:

My friend was dismantled before his expiration date was due,
But I carry his memory with me.
Because if you are carried in the memory of others,
You've never truly been dismantled.

Finally, Servo wrote a short poem in honour of the Doctor and his companion, praising "the Legendary Lucie" and making reference to her "unorthodox protrusions":

#B #1
#4 C A #3 D
#A #9 1 1
#2 #A D (AUDIO: The Cannibalists)
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