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Thomas Hector Schofield (born 12 October 1998), known as Hex, and later, after losing his memories, as Hector Thomas, was a staff nurse working at St Gart's Brookside Hospital in London in the year 2021, when he met the Seventh Doctor and Ace, with whom he then began to travel.



Hex was born to Cassandra Elizabeth Schofield on 12 October 1998 at Royal Bolton Hospital in Bolton, England, though his official documentation at his workplace as an adult listed a birthplace of Stalybridge. (AUDIO: The Harvest, Project: Destiny) He was raised by his father and maternal grandmother Hilda Schofield, whom he believed to be his mother until he was six years old. (AUDIO: Night Thoughts) He only had one photograph of his actual mother, who died in November 2004, which was in his flat in Shoreditch. He later regretted not retrieving it before beginning his travels with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. (AUDIO: No Man's Land)

When he was a child, his grandmother used to take him to the seaside every summer. Looking at the sea always made him feel insignificant. (AUDIO: World Apart) He was once caught covering the mural outside his community centre with graffiti. (AUDIO: The Dark Husband) In addition, Hex was a Catholic. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

Hex's father worked on the docks, but was forced to accept redundancy after an extended period of industrial action by workers. In doing so he lost his livelihood, and this experience plus constant reminders by Hex's grandmother convinced Hex to find a job that would always be in demand once he left school — so he went into medicine. (AUDIO: LIVE 34) During his youth, Hex was educated in Aigburth (AUDIO: The Harvest) and once went on a school trip to Venice, but thought that everything was wet and smelled like rubbish. (AUDIO: Nocturne) In addition to his grandmother's advice, a history project Hex did on Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War inspired him to become a nurse. The week of the assignment, the careers officer came around and when Hex was asked what career he wanted to do, the thing that came to mind was Florence Nightingale and nursing. (AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari) Following his decision to pursue a career in medicine, Hex studied the field and received his medical degree from an educational establishment in Middlesex. He later moved to London, where he shared a flat with a bike courier named Damien Boyd and worked as a nurse at St Gart's Brookside Hospital. (AUDIO: The Harvest)

Meeting the Doctor

Hex first met the Seventh Doctor and Ace when they were investigating alien activity at St Gart's Hospital in October 2021. Hex saw Ace go into a police box and demanded to know what was going on. In answer, she let him into the TARDIS. He assisted the Doctor and Ace in their investigation of alien technology, which was in fact reverse-engineered Cyber-Technology. After that, Ace convinced the Doctor that Hex should join them on their travels. (AUDIO: The Harvest)

Shortly after meeting Hex for the first time in 2021, the Doctor realised that he was the same Thomas Schofield that he knew as "Little Tommy," the son of Cassie Schofield, whom he had met during his sixth incarnation while travelling with Evelyn Smythe. (AUDIO: Project: Twilight, Project: Lazarus)

They landed on Uluru whilst it was travelling through space. Hex initially thought that the stars would be rushing by like in Star Trek rather than slowly moving. He was really intrigued when he saw his first spaceship. After the Doctor was placed in the dreaming he met the Galyari. When Ace went into the mines, he went to try and wake the Doctor. Using Wahn's knowledge of the dreamtime he tried to communicate with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Dreamtime)

When the Doctor, Hex and Ace landed on Colony 34 where he helped the Doctor run for president. During the election he worked in a hospital as a paramedic and was interviewed by Charlotte Singh during his shift. He took her on a call to an old lady who had been injured when her building crumbled. He accidentally drove the ambulance into a hole in the road. When he got there the patient Gina Grewal had been helped by a stranger. He the found a mass burrial ground in her back garden. He later found out that Jaeger on public display wasn't the actual Jaeger. (AUDIO: LIVE 34)

He thought that the Doctor might have been ill when they landed on Gravonax Island but agreed in that there was something weird going on. He also had a nightmare about a guy being forced to perform an operation he didn't want to do. After the murder of Joe Hartley, he went to have a snack and found the body in the freezer with its eyes gauged out before the body then disappeared. When Dickens said that he had set the bear traps he went to warn Ace and Sue. He later comforted Sue when they both realised they had the same upbringing when as neither of them knew their mother. When the Doctor went to stop the experiment, he was tasked with guarding Dickens. (AUDIO: Night Thoughts)

The Doctor took Hex to Drogheda, Ireland in order to teach him some real skills. He initially thought that there was a storm about to happen. Hex was affected by what he had saw and moped through the TARDIS's mountain range. Whilst on the battlefield he met Oliver Cromwell and later helped Jonathan Goddard to care for the inured. He got drunk with them and found out Cromwell's reason for the invasion. He later managed to escape from them and led the charge against them. Cromwell wanted to have him executed. (AUDIO: The Settling)

On landing in the First World War, they were caught in a blast and taken to Charnage Hospital. He used his keen experience to tell that they were in an old farmhouse. He got agitated at being in the great war. He was tortured and subjected to brainwashing during the in 1917 at the hands of Sergeant Wood, an operative of the Forge. The Doctor managed to help him overcome it and Hex help in the investigations and decided to find the church in the reports. Hex and Ace went to the church in No Man's Land and found Dixon alive. (AUDIO: No Man's Land)

They landed on Nocturne, and Hex thought that the city smelt like Venice. He joined in with Ace's complaints about the lack of information gives on landing on a new planet. He accompanied Lilian Dillane to her friends house in term to her his murder. He was then interrogated by Cate Reeney who thought he was the murderer. The Doctor then asked him to perform some research for him. He then helped in the Doctor's plan to capture the primal sound that was killing the artists. (AUDIO: Nocturne)

After escaping a from a snot monster, where Hex got covered on snot, the Doctor, Hex and Ace landed on Tuin, for a twin moon festival. He got really interested in the 1400s varieties of ale on offer at the festival. Soon after Ace and Hex were attacked by Ori and he was asked to distract Ori by insulting him but was soon captured. When the festival started he started to drink all the ale on the planet. He was taken to learn the ways of the Ri before the Doctor's wedding. After the Doctor pulled out of being the husband, he decided to become the husband instead and would marry Ace. In the marriage ceremony they were attracted to the centre of the planet and discovered that the planet was sentient. He worked out that the original inhabitants wanted to leave the planet and became the Ir and the Ri. After the wedding Tuin got him to try and kill Ace and latter Ori and Irit. (AUDIO: The Dark Husband)

After the Doctor managed to negotiate some time disturbance, Hex, Ace and the Doctor met Howard Carter. He started to hear voices about a being called Thoth, and was chassed by a mysterious creature. When Jane Templeton was discovered to be a Time Lady, he was saved from the creature by her. When the TARDIS was then crashing when they wanted to kill her dying TARDIS he pressed the button that stopped the TARDIS falling into the sun. (AUDIO: False Gods)

The Doctor, Ace and Hex travelled to the island of Mendolovinia in 33 AD to help solve a code, but fell into a trap laid by the Order of Simplicity. He was asked by the Doctor to help with the tea things with Mrs Crisp. (AUDIO: Order of Simplicity)

The TARDIS crew attempted to track down an alien artefact that controlled others into telling the truth. Tracking it to May Carlisle's house, Hex had to chase after Joey Carlisle who was escaping with the artefact. Joey almost made the Doctor tell him the truth about Cassie. (AUDIO: Casualties of War)

He was later interrogated by James Hurst as a potential murderer. He helped the Doctor investigate and helped to discover that the Word Lord Nobody No-One was causing havoc on the base. (AUDIO: The Word Lord)

Injury and healing

Hex and his friend were lured in to the Celestial Toyroom but managed to defeat the Celestial Toymaker but to stop him resurfacing the Doctor placed him and Ace in charge of looking after the Doctor at a sanatorium in Switzerland, in 1926. As part of the plan he and Ace stayed in the attic and manipulated events. He hated manipulating the Doctor as in the Doctor's confused state he reminded him of the people who turned up in A&E with all their stuff in plastic bags. When there was a talent contest he was it's compare. When the Doctor realised what was going on he had to explain to the Doctor what the plan was. (AUDIO: The Magic Mousetrap)

Over time, Hex began to feel that he might not be suited to the life of a TARDIS traveller. This feeling was intensified by his experiences on the planet Bliss during the Dalek war. The many deaths that he witnessed performed by the Daleks and the larval Kiseibya deeply affected him. (AUDIO: Enemy of the Daleks)

To help Hex heal from these emotional wounds the Doctor took him to Scutari in September 1854 to meet his heroine Florence Nightingale. Hex chose to stay and help the nurses in the Crimean War rather than continue his travels. However, he met his friends again soon afterward when the Doctor sought to find the missing Ace. This adventure ended with Hex's being shot in the chest with a musket by Brigadier-General Bartholomew Kitchen. The Doctor and Ace rushed him into the TARDIS sickbay but he almost died. (AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari)

The Doctor took him to St Garts to help him in 2025, where he operated on Hex. Soon after Hex was taken to the Forge in to recover. In the Forge base, Nimrod wanted to get to know Hex and allowed him to research his friends. After he found out that Mark Mathias had been contaminated and wanted to help the Doctor to stop the contagion spreading. When the Doctor was infected he looked after the Doctor. Nimrod told Hex of his mother's fate. Hex's mother, Cassie, was resurrected, and fought for Nimrod until they were evaporated by alien technology. He started to have a go at the Doctor for his involvement in his mother's death. He later learnt from Jarrod that Nimrod kept his mother ashes, and decided to go back to retrieve them to give her a proper burial. Hex managed to resurrect Cassie but Nimrod tried to feed Hex to her. Hex decided to walk away from his life in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Project: Destiny)

Whilst trying to think through what he had learnt about he was questioned by Nobody No-One. Nobody told Hex that the Doctor was going to die. He tried to restart the Doctor's hearts. After the Doctor died, the older version of the Doctor took Hex to Pelachan where he met Evelyn Smythe. She explained the Hex the Doctor's involvement in his mother's death from her account. He then started working in the local infirmary. Ayl-San explained to Hex about their religious beliefs and the Hand of All. He attended Evelyn's lecture on the time ship and tried to help her when she had a heart attack. The Doctor, now alive due to Ace's actions, arrived in time to help him with her. He decided to rejoin the TARDIS. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)

The time travellers subsequently journeyed to Alaska in 1934, to look into the mysterious rock formation that wasn't there 4 years earlier. When Ace fell down a crevasse and the Doctor went to save her, he was taken prisoner by Emerson Whytecrag III and forced to open the door to a mysterious cabin, and then lead the way just incase there were traps. He adventured through the cabin with August Corbin after being chased by Whytecrag's thugs. He observed a ceremony to waken the Karnas'koi. Whytecrag what to sacrifuce Hex to the Karnas'Koi (AUDIO: Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge)

The two TARDISes

While the Doctor was travelling in his Black TARDIS, (AUDIO: Black and White) he sent Hex and Ace to 1989 in an alternative timeline. This decision was unknown to either of them and Hex started to panic when the Cloister Bell started to ring. When he discovered that Albert Marsden was building a fallout shelter he then realised that they were in an alternate timeline. During the first attack he was blinded by the flash of the nuclear bomb. He realised the Peggy Marsden and Albert were suffering from radiation poisoning. When time rewound his sight returned. The Doctor gave them the mission to investigate the Elder Gods, who created this timeline. They defeated the Elder Gods, and restored the original timeline, just in time for a Black TARDIS to arrive and retrieve them. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive)

When they entered the Black TARDIS, they discovered Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes already there. Upon discovering this, they realised that the Doctor was travelling in both TARDISes, simultaneously. Hex, Ace, Sally and Lysandra then arrived in 5th century, Denmark, where they met Beowulf, and faced an alien called Garundel. They discovered that the Doctor was previously in this location, but was kidnapped by an unknown enemy. After following the Doctor's clues and instructions, they retrieved an artefact called Weyland's shield, restored the original and destroyed the Black TARDIS, on their way to locate the Doctor. (AUDIO: Black and White)

The TARDIS crew located the Doctor in a pocket universe, which was under the control of Fenric. After releasing the Doctor, it was revealed that Fenric was playing a game against another Elder God, called Weyland, for control of Weyland's shield, which could grant omnipotence to an Elder God. He held Weyland's shield which made him invisible to Fenric. He was also invisible from the Haemovore when he accidentally released them. He later saw the Ancient One kill his own son. The Ancient One started to see him his old wound started to open. He was then taken to Weyland's Smithy. When It was also discovered that the TARDIS crew had been pawns of Weyland, used to help him win the game against Fenric, and Hex was destined to become the quintessential pawn in Weyland's plan, who prevented his death after being shot in Scutari. However, Hex managed to banish Weyland and stop the game, but became possessed by Fenric. Consequently, Hex sacrificed himself by entering the Time Vortex to prevent Fenric from permanently taking control and gaining power. However, Hex survived alongside Weyland and Fenric in the realm of the Elder Gods. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

As "Hector Thomas"

In the realm of the Elder Gods, he bought himself a year back on Earth. However, in the process he lost his memories, and lived under the identity of "Hector Thomas", setting himself as a gangster and business owner in Liverpool, wearing suits and with a distinctive moustache. At the end of the year, the Doctor prevented a being called "Lily Finnegan" from taking him back to that realm. However, Hex still had not regained his memories. (AUDIO: Afterlife) As Hector Thomas, he and Ace were involved in an intimate relationship, although this was partially inspired by Ace's own grief at Hex's death. While he didn't have Hex's memories or skills, he still retained his principles and morals. Hector told the Doctor that while he might not measure up to Hex in Ace's eyes, he was content enough with himself as Hector. He was infected with The Nucleus whilst trying to open the TARDIS doors. He was susceptible to infection due to half his psyche being removed, the Doctor used this his advantage to overcome the Nucleus influence on him. When he returned to the TARDIS the swarm's influence over him returned and Hector piloted him to the 52nd century, in order for the Nucleus to be reborn. Talin had locked him out the computer control room so he burned his way in. He was knocked unconscious by an electric shock and the Doctor gave him a blood transfusion to remove the infection. The Doctor then used this to create an antivirus programme. (AUDIO: Revenge of the Swarm)

Upon arriving in Athens in 421 BC he immediately had a sword to his neck by Aristophanes. He became interested in the monster that haunted the streets. He was then asked to act in a play. He accidentally brought a spy Telephus into the theatre which eventually led to the Doctor being accused of treason. He tried to pass himself off as the god Dionysus to stop the plague victims from being killed. The mask he was wearing sometimes went against Hector's nature. He suffered the consequences when Cleon stole the mask. Hector decided that travelling in the TARDIS was not for him and demanded to be taken home. (AUDIO: Mask of Tragedy) When he, the Doctor, and Ace returned to Liverpool in the 2020s, they discovered from an Elder God going by the name Ginny Greenteeth that Hex's old memories, presumed destroyed, had actually still been preserved, stored inside a figurine of St. Christopher. Ace and Sally restored Hex's memories. He remembered that the Doctor wanted him to stop something whilst he was Hector, and decided stop Ginny getting stronger. He got Ace and Sally to remember who he was and his childhood, including wanting to have Piña coladas on his first date with Sally. Hex decided that it was time to settle back down.

When the Doctor and Ace visited him again in the 2040s, 15 years later, they found that he and Sally were a couple, though they never married, and had had a daughter named Cassandra after Hex's mother. Sally was pregnant with another child at the time. By this time, Hex was balding, had greying hair and had put on weight. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)


The Twelfth Doctor saw Hex, among other companions, when Bernice Summerfield was hit by temporal energy in the Pyramid Eternia. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)

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