Reichsmarshal Hermann Goering was the leader of the Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.

On 9 November 1923, Goering participated in the unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch and was injured.

In 1939, the Seventh Doctor met Goering at a party rally in Nuremberg. He later informed Goering that the Black Coven was planning to overthrow Hitler and replace him with Goering's rival, Heinrich Himmler. Goering led an armoured column against the coven at their base in Drachensberg, wiping them out. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

In 1940, Goering was involved in a power struggle in Berlin along with Himmler, Rudolf Hess and other high-ranking Nazi officers for a position under the Führer. They were all motivated by the discovery of Cybermen in the Le Mur Engineering compound in occupied Jersey, of which they sought to be placed in charge. (PROSE: Illegal Alien)

In 1944, after the Allied invasion of Italy and the Battle of Monte Cassino, the Germans began plundering northern Italian villages. Priceless paintings and treasures were sent back to Berlin where they entered Goering's personal collection. Sarah Jane Smith later read that many of these items were never found. However, she and the Fourth Doctor were sent by the Time Lords to aid Italian partisans working against the German Special Service Division who were operating under Goering's command. (COMIC: Treasure Trail)

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