Hera was a planet ruled by the Knights of Rowan. It contained a spaceport, and housed a crystal cavern that could capture the soul from one's body if they were drawn inside.

History Edit

Avril Fenman, a former knight, was one of the crystal cave's victims, who fought to protect Squire Cherry from the goblins that once resided in the cave. However, her soul was stolen by the crystals and Cherry was slain. Arvil tried to project her mind out of the crystals to get help from the countryside, but was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to execution without a hearing. She realised the Knights had grown corrupt and needed to be removed from power when it became clear she would never be able to inform Cherry's family of her death. Avril remained trapped in the caves for a millennium.

While visiting Hera at the request of Dominic Troy, Bernice Summerfield had her body stolen by Avril in the caves. Dominic's mind also fell prey to the crystals and was separated from his body, which Benny borrowed. A gunfight between Arvil in Benny's body and Poppaea Prince, girlfriend of Dominic caused the cave to collapse.

Benny eventually regained her body, as did Dominic, but Troy and Prince were charged for war crimes against the Fifth Axis, due to Dominic's resemblance to the mythic criminal Nico Lyence. Avril was returned to her original crystal and allowed to continue her life in the Braxiatel Collection. (PROSE: The Squire's Crystal)

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