Hentopet was an individual who lived on Earth for almost 4000 years accompanied by Sheeq and Bubastion. She was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh from 2000 BC.

History Edit

In her youth, she fell in love with a lower-class boy named Temhut. Her father disapproved of this and sent Temhut to the front of the army. In a fit of rage, Hentopet stabbed her father's heart, killing him. The King's appointed protector Bubastion punished Hentopet and the King's guard Sheeq by turning them into immortal beings composed of sand.

For about 4000 years, Hentopet roamed the Earth with Sheeq and Bubastion looking for an alien who could cure them of their curse of immortality.

On 8 July 1974, Hentopet opened Princess Hentopet's Art in London. By channelling Bubastion's power, Hentopet and Sheeq turned people into sand statues to populate the art show.

The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones came to London and were attracted to the art show by Sheeq. The Doctor talked with Bubastion and convinced him to reverse everything he had done. As all the people who had been turned into statues returned to life, Hentopet and Sheeq's curse of immortality ended and they both crumbled into piles of sand. (COMIC: Agent Provocateur)

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