As explained at T:PIPE, an interwiki shortcut is a simplified way of linking to another Wikia wiki, which allows you to use a pipe trick for much faster linkage.


If I wanted to get to the Rowan Atkinson article at w:c:blackadder, I'd have to type [[w:c:blackadder:Rowan Atkinson|Rowan Atkinson]]. That's a bit much. Because Doctor Who has so many cast and crew crossovers with other franchises, we're working with Wikia to change all that. Soon, you'll be able to get to most any wiki by typing just [[blackadder:Rowan Atkinson|]]. Easy, huh?


There are three basic types of interwiki shortcut.

  1. Interlanguage shortcuts, discussed separately at Help:Interlanguage links.
  2. Global interwiki shortcuts, which work on any Wikia wiki, even in the searchbar. If you go to w:c:aybs, for instance, and type tardis:Peter Davison into the search bar there, you will come back to our article about Peter Davison. Global interwiki shortcuts are comparatively rare, and are no longer issued. We're very lucky to have one, and almost certainly are so privileged because we're one of the 100 original Wikia wikis.
  3. Local interwiki shortcuts are ones that only work between one individual wikis and another. As of January 2012, these can be requested from Wikia staff.

List interwiki shortcuts known to work from this wikiEdit


  • community:
  • memoryalpha:
  • starwars:
  • powerrangers:


  • muppet:
  • more coming soon
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